What is IntelTube?

IntelTube is planning to become the first and best video website for alternative media. As you may know, many viewers and publishers are seeking independence from Youtube and Liveleak for honest, uncensored, unbiased and neutral reports. Not to mention, independence from GOOGLE itself.

The following are comments taken from Youtube:



“maybe a multiple “youtube” video sharing websites is a good thing”

“Liveleak has its own disatvantages in regards of news reporting.”

True, The Moderators are run by Far Right Idiots, who Only Feature Videos that fit their Agenda. Most of the time it’s full of Israeli, US propaganda and also Hayden is a Fat ****”

IntelTube will be completely free as any other major video website is. Although, I must warn you that we do in-fact have an agenda. That agenda is freedom of sharing and freedom of speech. We will not feature biased or censored content except for pornography. And we will not be bound to any rules other than rules of universal origin. These rules include decency, consideration, respect, so on and so forth. The video player will be kept simple and easy to use.

IntelTube Needs your Help

We need your help to become the best alternative media video website on the internet. The first step will be getting the website up and running.

In order to accomplish this, we are starting a fundraiser.

How much does IntelTube need?

The theme that we will be using costs $97. Another $99 will be needed for the complete WordPress package including the domain name. That would be a total of $196.

Once $97 has been reached, we will be able to put up a public testing version of IntelTube.

Do you want IntelTube to become a reality? It’s your choice.

Donate Now

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